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b'Lifting Weight: 5t-50t. Span: 10.5m-31.5m or other. Lifting Height: 6m-24m. This double girder overhead crane with electric hoist is for lifting 5t~50t stuff. It\xe2\x80\x99s very convenient to install. It has beautiful box-typed welded main girders. Computer optimized design for main girders with good performance and light weight. Tel: +86 15093392066.'

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b'Double girder Overhead cranes (also referred to as bridge cranes) are cranes with a lifting system like hoist trolley or open winch.It is composed of main girder frame, end carriage system, lifting trolley,electric panel and cabin mostly. They are designed to meet the medium and heavy industrial lifting requirements, covering almost all of the ...'

CXTD Double Girder Overhead Crane With Low Headroom

b'Double Girder Overhead Crane: Capacity(t) main hook: 5t-80t( as required) Auxiliary hook: 5t-32t( as required) Span(m) 7.5m-31.5m or as required: Lifting Height(m) main hook: 6m-18m( as required) Auxiliary hook: 6m-18m( as required) Lifting Speed(m/min) main hook: 0.8/5.0 m/min or as required: Auxiliary hook: 0.8/5.0 m/min or as required ...'

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b'Apr 15, 2016 \xc2\xb7 As you know, overhead crane includes single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead crane.Double Girder Overhead Crane is double girder bridge crane with hook, suitable for indoor or outdoor fixed cross intercropping handling and transport work. Lifting capacity range is 5T-1000T, working-level generally divided into A3, A5, A6. The work class is Chinese Standard.'

Manual Overhead Crane

b'Manual Overhead Crane. Manual Overhead Crane 1t 2t 5t . Manual Overhead Crane 1t 2t 5t is a small-sized light weight crane for the assembly and maintenance in workshops without power supply or power off situations. Its working environment temperature should not be lower than negative 20\xe2\x84\x83. Manual Overhead Crane 1t 2t 5t is constituted by main girder, end girders, drive sprocket, gears, manual ...'

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b'AQ-LH 5T Double Girder Overhead Crane Installed in Dominica. Aicrane 5 ton double girder overhead crane was installed at our customer site in Dominica. AQ-LH model is a high performance crane built with electric hoist. The crane has compact structure, simple installation and low maintenance cost, which is ideal for light duty to medium service.'

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b'Dongqi overhead crane and electric hoist involved: BZ pillar jib crane 0.25T-2M. Dongqi overhead crane and electric hoist involved:4 sets of EOT cranes with 5 tons, 1 single girder electrical overhead traveling crane with a span of 178.4 m,2 double girder overhead traveling cranes with a span of 23.5 meters.'

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b'Product Details. 5T Double Beam EOT Cranes. Sinokocrane has introduced the special processing center of production end carriage, boring, milling, drilling and attack are all completed in one process, one clamping and high precision production, the precision of boring and milling is less than 0.1mm, which greatly reduces the difficulty of assembly caused by low machining precision, difficult to ...'