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b'CWD Series Sludge Handling Cranes. Lifting Capacity: 5t-16t. Span: 7.5m~16.5m. Working Class: A7,A8. In the sludge station where the waste is burned, semi-fluid sludge is unloaded by trucks into storage bunkers. In the bunker, the sludge handling crane transfers the sludge into a storage area. From the storage area, the crane feeds the sludge ...'

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b'Grab overhead crane for waste handling is a key equipment in waste processing facilities for refuse-derived fuels and cogeneration plants. The waste disposal crane is installed over the garbage pit for garbage charging, transport, mixing and weighing. It can be manual control, semi-automatic control and full-automatic control, carrying out automatic grabbing, automatic repeat feeding ...'

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b"Overview: Purpose: The semi-automatic grab crane for waste handling is the core equipment of the municipal solid waste incineration plant's garbage supply system. It is located above the rubbish storage pit and mainly takes charge of the feeding, handling, mixing, taking and weighing of garbage."

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b'Nucleon(Xinxiang)Crane Co.,Ltd. is a Singapore joint venture, which integrating the R&D, manufacture, installation, sales and service of all kinds of overhead cranes, gantry cranes, coal safety series lifting equipment and small light lifting equipment together.'

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b'Jun 16, 2021 \xc2\xb7 What you need to do in the beginning is check all measurements before you hire a crane and before it arrives at your site. By doing this you are ensuring that the crane can safely fit where you need it and that it can do its job effectively. There are different types of cranes you can hire and today we are discussing grab cranes.'

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b'Waste cranes & garbage cranes in incineration plant for automatic waste & garbage handling , process designed grab crane cross waste & recycling centre. Die handling crane & mold handling crane Overhead crane lifting & rigging for dies & molds handling and automotive stamping.'

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b"Waste handling crane with grab is the key equipment of waste feeding system in modern city's incineration power plants. Located above waste storage pit, the waste handling machinery is mainly used for waste feeding, moving, stirring, fetching, weighing and other operations."

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b'Grab Overhead Crane for Sale Grab overhead cranes adopt the latest technology in order to increase the safety and productivity of operators and working. We can provide the customers with lots of lifting equipment. Our excellent and professional cranes represent the most advanced lifting equipment functionality on the crane market today.'