High Quality European End Beam for Bridge crane

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b'Safety & Mechanical Features of European Design Single Girder Beam Bridge Crane: 1. European single girder overhead crane is compact lifting machinery designed and manufacturing in the strict according with FEM, DIN and ICE standard, compared with general overhead crane (bridge crane), weight is reduced 15-30%'

Europe type single girder overhead crane

b'Europe type single girder overhead crane. The capacity: 0.25-30ton. The span: 7.5-32mtrs. Lifting height: 6-30mtrs. Europe type single girder overhead crane utilized for medium to heavy fabrication. These overhead cranes are ideally suited to low buildings, where a high hook lift height is required.'

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b'Product Details. European Standard Single Girder Overhead Crane. European standard bridge crane, with light self weight, small structure and low energy consumption, is equipped with a trolley and lifting mechanism on the bridge, the trolley can move forward and backward, the cart can move and other , ,'

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b'European Single Girder Overhead Crane. European Single Girder Overhead Crane is designed with high configuration, which is developed with advanced design technology referring to European FEM standard. Cranes are mainly made up by single main beams, end beams, hoist, electrical parts and other. Span: 7.5-25.5 . : 1--12.5 . . :'

380V 50HZ 10T European Single Beam Bridge Crane

b"It combines advanced European crane technology with compact structure, light weight, and The characteristics of energy saving, low noise, etc., based on the characteristics of China's use of bridge gantry cranes, are a clear market demand and a new definition of medium and high-end bridge gantry cranes."

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b'Beam lifting cranes, used to lift, handle, load beam in the preset field when the high-speed railway weight is below 1000t, It can travel along the laid rail and its running mechanism can rotate 90degree to realize straight travel and crosswise to finish handling all beams in the preset field.'

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b'Bridge crane end truck kits are installed at the two end of main beam of overhead crane , supporting the bridge crane traversing along the runway beam . End carriage is composed of driving wheels , driven wheels , motor reducer , bumper , main girder connection plate , tube steel structure , bolts etc .'

Rectangular Steel Tube Single Girder Crane End Carriage

b'Single Girder Crane End Carriage / End Beam With Retangular Steel Tube and Connecting Plates Product Application: 1. END Carriage have compact dimensions, light weight, good stability, triple motor-driven, high mechanical efficiency, installation, use, easy maintenance, low cost, generally as \xe2\x80\xa6'