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b'Air supply and consumption: All IR winches are rated at 90 psig (6.3 kg/m2) inlet pressure when the winch is running. The volume of air required is expressed in cubic feet per minute (cfm) or cubic meters per minute (m3/min). Refer to the charts or power curves for air consumption data for specific models.'

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b'Type of Hoist & Trolley Underhung Low-headroom Motorized Trolley Usage / Service Area Indoors, Non-hazardous Area Quantity 1 set Capacity 3.2 metric tons Hoist Lift Height 3.8 meters Monorail Length 9.3 meters Motor Speeds Hoist 6 / 1 m/min.; FEM 2m (M5) & Duty Rating: Travel 20 / 5 m/min.; FEM 2m (M5) ...'

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