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b'7,675 products. Rigging slings and lifting slings are made of cable, chain, rope or webbing, and are used with a lift or crane to safely move large loads. Chain slings handle odd-shaped, hard-to-position loads or hot materials. Teacup pipe lifting slings are used with heavy concrete water and sewer pipes. Round slings are color-coded for quick ...'

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b'Chain slings for sale. Chain sling manufacturer Peerless Chain makes welded and adjustable mechanical lifting chain slings. All Alloy and Stainless Steel single, double, 3 or 4 leg chain slings and custom chain slings meets ASME and OSHA requirements.'

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b'Lifting Beams. SSLB - Short Span Lifting Beam (Plate Style) SDLB - Standard Duty Lifting Beam (Channel Design) SDLB - Standard Duty Lifting Beam (I-Beam Design w Flame Cut Bail) SDLB- Standard Duty Lifting Beam (I-Beam Design w Pin Bail) BSLB - Basket Sling Lifting Beam. DCLB - Dual Crane Lifting Beam. UNVB - Universal Lifting/Spreader Beam.'

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b'Choose from top brands for slings, shackles, hooks, and other rigging hardware and supplies. Hoist Central supplies the lifting and rigging equipment for any application.'

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b'Endless / Infinite Loop Web Slings. Endless (infinite loop) web slings can be used in all three types of sling hitches. The sling can be rotated throughout its service life to minimize wear and avoid repetitive use damage. Edge Guard product offers superior cut resistance and abrasion resistance properties to extend the life of your sling.'

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b'Chain for Overhead Lifting We sell pretty much any kind of rigging chain you could want, but the most popular rigging chain we offer is Grade 100 Lifting Chain. This is the chain that 99% of all our chain slings are built from, and most all of it is made in America. We keep it in stock in all the most popular sizes, from 7/32" - 3/4";, ( ).'

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b'The assembly of components that connect a load to the lifting hook of a crane or hoist. rigging dolly. A heavy-duty dolly, often with rollers, used to move large loads. rigging hardware. The category of components used to connect loads to slings, slings to slings, and \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Welcome to Certified Slings & Supply\xc2\xae, the largest sling manufacturer and rigging supplier in the Southeast U.S. Since 1958 our commitment has always been to service, quality and value. We\xe2\x80\x99re proud to be the trusted leader in the slings, rigging, overhead lifting, load securement, safety and contractor supplies for all industries.'