QD type double hook 50 ton overhead crane with winch trolley

QD Double Trolley Overhead Crane With ElectricHoist And Hook

b'Qd Double Trolley Overhead Crane With Electrichoist And Hook , Find Complete Details about Qd Double Trolley Overhead Crane With Electrichoist And Hook,Qd Overhead Crane With Hook,Double Trolley'

Industrial Double Girder Overhead Crane 50 Ton Stable ...

b'Customized Industry Use 50 Ton Double Girder Travelling Overhead Crane Design Drawing . General description of double girder overhead crane . For heavy duty work frequency, QD double girder bridge'

50 Ton Eot Double Beam Overhead Crane-Winch Trolly Type ...

b'QD model double girder bridge overhead crane is composed of box type bridge frame, lifting trolley, crane traveling mechanism, and electrical system. It is rely on the bridge frame along the workshop orbital direction moving longitudinal, the trolley along the main beam direction moving transverse and the \xe2\x80\xa6'

50 Ton Overhead Crane | Powerful Lifting Capacity & Stable ...

b'50 ton overhead crane is a type of heavy duty crane, it usually designed and manufactured as double girder structure, which has powerful loading capacity and adjustable lifting speed.Besides, 50 ton bridge'

Different Types of 50 Ton Overhead Crane for Sale|Dongqi Crane

b'50 Ton Overhead Crane of Dongqi. There are different modes of 50 ton overhead crane, the under hung overhead crane, top running overhead crane, and QD type Double Girder Overhead Crane with hook, LH'

QD Overhead Crane With Hook - Dongqi Crane

b'The hook overhead crane can be used to lift loads from 5 tons to 550 tons, which is widely used to upload and move of normal weight in the fixed crossing space and also can work with various special-purpose'

QD 25/10 TON double girder overhead crane

b'QD model crane is of higher work duty, which can reach A5, A6, A7, A8; and large tonnage, such as 50 ton, 80 ton, 100 ton, 200 ton, 250 ton, 300 ton, 500 ton, etc. It is composed of crane trolley (winch trolley), end , , , .'

Heavy Duty Overhead Crane | Overhead Crane Design | AICRANE

b'We also provide a full range of after-sales service to help you run quickly and smoothly. AQ-QD Double Girder Heavy Duty Overhead Crane. AQ-QD double girder heavy duty overhead crane parameters: Load : . : 10.5-31.. : . : 2.1-11./.'