QE Type 5+5~16+16t Double Handcart Hanger Bridge Crane Working Class A5~A6

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b'About Product: QE Model Double Trolley Bridge/Overhead/EOT Crane 1. Introduction QE type overhead crane with two trolleys, its 2 trolleys can work simultaneously or separately to lift long materials, such as steel pipe, tube, wood, etc. Its trolleys are bigger and stronger than LH type as the trolley contains motor, reducer and brake separately.'

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b'QE Type 5 16t Double Handcart Hanger Bridge Crane 31.5 13.5 87.6 89 16.5 16+16 19.5 22.5 16 7.9 10.7 44.6 74.2 75.3 25.5 28.5 74.6 75.3 Technological parameter Weight Lifting Height Hoisting 10.5 m/min kw 2187 90 2520 637 2187 90 2580 637 Kg 26873 Kg 28061 235 242 crab crab A5 A5 A6 Hoisting Motor Main Dimensions Weight \xc3\x8bfiTotal weight'

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b'Mod 1A (Type 051 Luda-II class) - In 1987, DDG-105 Jinan received modification to be added with a helicopter hanger and flight deck. The ship was identified by NATO as Luda-II class. Mod 2 (Type 051 (also 051D, 051Z) \xe2\x80\x98Dingxing\xe2\x80\x99 Luda class) - Second batch of eight hulls built between 1977 and 1990, with slightly different radar configuration ...'


b'sel_svc_class_cd 1 Basic Information.sel_svc_class_cd 031 01.031 total_army_comp_cd 1 Basic Information.total_army_comp_cd 032 01.032 civ_ed_lvl_cd 1 Basic Information.civ_ed_lvl_cd 033 ... AN ENCODED REPRESENTATION OF THE TYPE OF TRAINING A SOLDIER HAS ACQUIRED IN A SPECIFIC PROJECT OR ITEM OF EQUIPMENT WHICH IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT, AND FOR ...'

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b'300 377 453 607 6 82 921Hinman,\xc3\x92.\xe2\x82\xac (Roy\xe2\x80\xa0\xc2\xb8Ralph), 1785-186\xc2\xa4\xc2\xb8p>'


b'Double barrel side-by-side rifle, .450 caliber, barrel longer than 20", antique (made before December 31, 1898) Ground Guidance 2.6 ECCN 7D994 (Commercial usage) USML XV(f) (Military usage) Caution Advisory Display (CAD)NVG Compatible C19243 Bxxx Shadows Filters and Lighting Systems 98020, 98023 Civilian Aircraft Type Numbers F-16 Gun Drive ...'

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b'\xe6\x8d\x86\xe6\x89\x8e\xe6\x9c\xba\xe5\xa4\xb4 Bridge K120-16 \xe8\xa1\x8c\xe7\xa8\x8b\xe5\xbc\x80\xe5\x85\xb3 EA700-40055 \xe9\xa9\xac\xe8\xbe\xbe 84804 \xe9\xa9\xb1\xe5\x8a\xa8\xe5\x99\xa8 SC 2804 \xe7\x9b\xb4\xe6\xb5\x81\xe6\x97\xa0\xe5\x88\xb7\xe7\x94\xb5\xe6\x9c\xba 2232 BX4(S) \xe6\xb5\x81\xe9\x87\x8f\xe8\xb0\x83\xe8\x8a\x82\xe9\x98\x80 Valve KQ-012/53 \xe5\x8f\x8c\xe5\x8d\x95\xe5\x90\x91\xe8\x8a\x82\xe6\xb5\x81\xe9\x98\x80 Valve KQ-012/52 \xe6\xb6\xb2\xe5\x8e\x8b\xe9\x94\x81 HR-012/50 \xe6\xb6\xb2\xe5\x8e\x8b\xe9\x98\x80 Valve HG-031/100/23 \xe6\xb6\xb2\xe5\x8e\x8b\xe5\x8d\x95\xe5\x90\x91\xe9\x98\x80 Valve HR-013/50 \xe6\x89\x8b\xe5\x8a\xa8\xe6\x8d\xa2\xe5\x90\x91\xe9\x98\x80 Valve DH-0113/50 \xe7\x94\xb5\xe7\xa3\x81\xe6\x8d\xa2\xe5\x90\x91\xe9\x98\x80 Valve DHI-0713 23'