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Overhead Rail Crane - Aicrane Overhead Crane for Sale

b'Our company, one of professional overhead crane manufacturers in China, provides qualified cranes for sale, such as 5 ton bridge crane, 10 ton overhead crane, 15 ton bridge crane, 20 ton bridge crane, 30 ton crane.Our industrial overhead crane can service lifting and transporting work well.'

double beam crane for steel mill

b'Aicrane AQ-NLH European-style bridge crane is a new type of double-beam bridge crane that adopts FEM standard. The crane has light weight, compact structure, stable performance and low noise. It can greatly reduce the cost of the warehouse, and can also free up more space for the lifting height, thereby'

Manual Driven Durable 10 Ton Span 5M Portable Gantry Crane

b'Manual Driven Durable 10 Ton Span 5M Portable Gantry Crane. Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set. Price : USD1000-5000/set. Packaging Details : Electrical, hoist and other parts packed by high quality plywood crate; Beams packed by rain proof plastic cloth. Delivery Time : 10 days.'

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b'We design and manufacture 30 ton overhead crane to help you lift and handle heavy loads weighing up to 30 tons. There are different models of overhead cranes to suit your individual job sites and job ,'

50 Ton Overhead Crane | Large Lifting Capacity | Aicrane

b'50 ton overhead crane belongs to the heavy-duty overhead crane that can lift or carry things in a pretty large weight. 50-ton cranes are famous for high working efficiency and stable performance. The overhead cranes in our company are widely used to lift or carry heavy objects. Unlike the single girder overhead'

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b'Overhead cranes are designed and produced with different lifting capacities to meet clients\xe2\x80\x99 various lifting needs. If the crane is used for light weight material lifting, the crane with light lifting capacity can be adopted, like 1 ton overhead crane, 2 ton overhead crane, 5 ton overhead crane and so on.'

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b'Bridge cranes can be divided into three levels according to the lifting weight. Generally, 5t to 10t are small cranes, 10t to 50t are medium cranes, and above 50t are heavy duty cranes. Span: refers to the distance between the centerlines of the wheels at both ends of the main beam of the crane, that is, the distance ...'

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b'Double beam bridge cranes are generally used in the air operation. ... The operation shall be guided by the signal and the lifting weight shall not be suspended in the air when the operation is interrupted; ... as soon as possible. There are various types like grab overhead crane, electric overhead crane, hoist'