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b'A top running double girder bridge crane will provide the most overhead room, as well as the greatest hook height. Double girder cranes are recommended for heavy-duty applications where the crane has to handle heavier capacities and longer spans. Because ,'

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b'The overhead crane is a kind of lifting equipment with various functions and is composed of the single girder and double girder bridge crane. Compared with the double beam overhead travelling crane, the'

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b'Double girder Overhead cranes (also referred to as bridge cranes) are cranes with a lifting system like hoist trolley or open winch.It is composed of main girder frame, end carriage system, lifting trolley,electric panel and cabin mostly. They are designed to \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Double girder overhead crane is designed to handle heavy loads and objects over 20 tons, thus, a double girder overhead crane also refers to a heavy duty overhead crane. Electric double girder winch crane is 5 550 , .'

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b'Double girder overhead crane is a kind of lifting crane that is widely used in the indoor factories. It is one of the most popular equipment in the crane. With the establishment of the modern society, the cranes are , , , ..'

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b'Double Girder Overhead Crane. Lifting Capacity: 5~800t Span Length: 10.5~31.5m Lifting Height: 6~30m Double girder overhead crane is designed to move, lift or transport heavy materials, which is are widely , , .'

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b'Double-girder ladle handling cranes. The ladle handling crane transports ladles filled with molten iron to the basic oxygen furnace (BOF), or molten steel from the BOF and electric arc furnace to the continuous . .'

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