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b'Grab Bucket Overhead Crane. Grab bucket overhead crane is a heavy duty overhead crane equipped with grab bucket, which can be used frequently. The lifting capacity of grab crane included the dead weight of the grab bucket is 5 ton to 25 tons. The working class of the grab crane is A6. The specifications of the'

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b'Description Henan All Where Crane Co\xef\xbc\x8cLtd is a subsidiary of Henan HuaBei Lifting Hook Co\xef\xbc\x8cLtd. We are the No.1 crane hook manufacturer in China. Heavy Crane Hook & Crane Hook Block & Crane Hook is one of the most suitable slings in hoisting. It is connected with...'

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b'Lifting hooks can be classified in to single hook, C type hook, and double hook, etc. Single lifting hook is usually used for handling loads under the weight of 75 tons, with the feature of simple manufacturing and convenient to use, etc. Due to the good bearing capability, the double lifting hook \xe2\x80\xa6'

Notice Overhead Crane Safety and Inspection Requirements

b'crane. Caution: exercise extreme care during this test to avoid striking any part of the hoist or trolley with the hoist load block or lift beam in the event of a faulty limit switch. Daily Operator Inspection Requirements Oil Leakage Check for any sign of oil leakage on the crane and on the floor area beneath'

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b'30 ton overhead crane is widely used for heavy loads lifting and moving. Aimix Group provides overhead cranes with single or double girder as clients need. Since the lifting capacity of single girder overhead crane is generally smaller than 20 ton, 30 ton over head crane adopts double girder configuration, and it .'

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b'Feb 25, 2020 \xc2\xb7 A common question we get in the field is on c-dimension. In reality, c-dimension is just one of many specifications needed to design an overhead crane project. To really understand this dimension, you need to have a full understanding of lift height. In this post, we will give you the basics you need to know more about lift height, headroom and c-dimension, and how they are all related so you ...'

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b'Roof Overhead Crane. 25 Ton Roof Overhead Crane. Nucleon QY model 25t insulating Roof Overhead Crane is a special type crane that is applicable to workshop where smelting electrolytic nonferrous metal material, such as electrolytic magnesium. The crane is composed of box bridge, running gear of Roof Overhead Crane. trolley and electrical devise.. Several insulating appartus are mounted at ...'

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b'The single hook is simple to manufacture and easy to use, but the force condition is not good, and it is mostly used in work places with 80 tons lifting weight or less; when the lifting weight is large, the double hook with force symmetry is often used. The laminated hook is riveted by several pieces of cut and formed steel plates.'