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Sheet Metal Lifting Device - Vacuum Lifter VS Lifting Magnets

b'Various lifting devices are employed in modern manufacturing industry to lift sheet metals, among which vacuum lifter and lifting magnets are the most commonly used types of steel material handling equipment. Sometimes these two can replace each other.'

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b'Our Magnetic Sheet and Plate Lifters are designed and manufactured to load and/or unload steel sheets from pallets, racks, cutting tables, shears and more. Our unique designs of these magnetic lifting systems allow one person to safely and effectively move and load sheets onto cutting tables, shear beds'

PML type 1 ton lifting magnet for steel plate

b'1 ton lifting magnet has strong magnetic path produced by NdFeB magnet. On and off magnetic path is controlled by turning the manual handle. The lifters have the features of strong attraction, smaller volume, lighter weight, powerful lifting effort, easy and safe to operate, long-period effort and without power supply. They are been used to lift and transport the steel and iron for factories ...'

Lifting Load Magnets | Global Industrial

b'Manhole Cover Lift Magnets $1,059.00 - $2,411.00 Manhole cover lift magnets attach and move manhole covers with magnetic force from a distance to reduce workpla...'

Steel Lift Magnets, Pick and Place, Lifting steel products

b'Pick and place steel objects. Lift dies, molds, structural steel, and steel plates. *Round Item Holding Values are based on ideal conditions. Pipe length, wall thickness, diameter and surface condition can all effect the magnet\xe2\x80\x99s performance. Please consult the factory before specifying these magnets \xe2\x80\xa6'

Guidance on the safe use of magnetic lifting devices

b'2 partially energised to facilitate load shredding. Different shapes and types of magnet are available, for example: flat pole plate magnets for handling sheet metals and bulk goods such as scrap iron, etc; specially-shaped pole plate magnets for lifting pipes, round steel bars or sectional steel; magnets with adjustable pole fingers for lifting items of irregular shape;'

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b'Ixtur Automatic Lifting Magnet LI-120. Automatic Lifting Magnet Ixtur LI-120 lets you work more ergonomically, more efficiently and even safer than ever before. The magnet will safely lift steel plates up to 120 kg, with a safety factor of 3. Learn more about LI-120 from the Products section.'

Vacuum Lifting for Metal - LHS – Magnetic solutions for ...

b'Vacuum Lifting for Sheet Metal: Although movement of sheet material in the metal machining industry is a normal operation, it is also extremely complicated in the majority of cases. Several employees have therefore frequently been required for loading a cutting or punching machines, ensuring that sheet'